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Sustainable Economically Efficient Wave Energy Converter
Acroniem: SEEWEC
Periode: Oktober 2005 tot Maart 2009
Status: Afgelopen
  • Universiteit Gent; Faculteit Ingenieurswetenschappen en Architectuur; Vakgroep Civiele Techniek; Afdeling Weg- en Waterbouw (AWW), meer, coördinator
  • Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK), meer, partner
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), meer, partner
  • Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST), meer, partner
  • Chalmers University of Technology, meer, partner
The SEEWEC project presents a robust floating wave energy converter: the FO³, meant to be installed near shore and intended to lead to competitive and economically effective exploitation of wave energy along (European) coasts. The concept of the FO³ device combines experience from the offshore industry with knowledge of wave-energy conversion by use of point absorbers.

The general objective of SEEWEC is to assist in the development of a 2nd generation FO³ wave energy converter through extensive use of the experience from monitoring the 1:3 laboratory rig at Buldra and the single system test station (SSTS) at Løkstadt. The project will focus on robust cost effective solutions and design for large scale (mass) manufacturing.

SEEWEC will support the development of a new, sustainable technology for renewable energy production that over time will have the potential to :

  • produce electricity without the combustion of carbon;
  • reduce dependency on fossil fuels;
  • increase the conversion of renewable energy;
  • contribute to diversify and secure the European energy supply;
  • minimise environmental impact of energy production;
  • increase the economical sustainability of the renewable energy technologies.
  • Blommaert, C. (2009). Composite floating 'point absorbers' for wave energy converters: survivability design, production method and large-scale testing. PhD Thesis. Ghent University. Faculty of Engineering: Ghent. ISBN 978-90-8578-302-2. XXII, 316 pp., meer