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VLIZ events » 2012 » 2012.02.24 VLIZ Jongerencontactdag Mariene Wetenschappen 2012 » VIDEO » Clips: invited speakers
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Jean Berlamont
Beschrijving I am Jean Berlamont, professor at the Laboratory of Hydraulics of the University of Leuven. I am a civil engineer by profession. I was at the VLIZ Young Marine Scientist Day before, although it has been a couple of years. I am impressed by the quality of the presentations and about the quality of the scientific work that is going on. There is a good future for marine sciences in Belgium. My message to the young scientists is twofold: First, as everybody is working in his own, narrow field it is very important to look wider and have contacts with people from related fields, in order to reach relevant scientific results. This might be one of the reasons to remain the VLIZ Young Marine Scientists Days. My second message is that (especially young) scientists have a certain amount of self-criticism; so that they look at a critical way to the results that comes out of the measurement or computer model. Reflect on it and formulate a critical opinion about it. Auteur VLIZ (Bruneel/Bi-oS) ·  WMV bestand - 55.89 MB - 1 280 x 720 pixels toegevoegd op 2012-03-12411 viewsFoto van conferentie 12th VLIZ Young Marine Scientists' Day 2012Persoon op foto Berlamont, Jean Creative Commons License Dit werk is gelicentieerd onder een Creative Commons Naamsvermelding-Niet-commercieel-Gelijk 4.0 Licentie
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