Due to the fact that there is a lack of information on the origin, quantity and type of debris present in the different marine compartments (intertidal, seafloor and sea surface), this project will contribute to filling up the data gap on this important form of marine pollution. Moreover,
DSC_9693_1all present monitoring on marine debris is focused on macro litter, while micro plastics are being increasingly recognized as a potential threat to the marine environment. The combined monitoring of macro and micro litter as envisaged in this project, has the potential to provide new standard methodologies for the integrated monitoring of all forms of marine debris.

Exploit results

  • Scientific results will be disseminated in the first place through traditional scientific channels (peer review journals, contributions on conferences etc.).
  • The results, progress and the major breakthroughs will be announced on this website that will be updated on a continuous basis.
  • Through Task 5 of this project the data, results and conclusion of this project will be made available to policy-makers and all other stakeholders in a concise and user-friendly manner through this website and specific electronic communications. This will allow all relevant stakeholders to use the acquired information in an efficient manner.
  • Organise and hold a dedicated workshop to present and discuss the obtained results