Welcome to the Contact Search Mechanism of ENCORA

Through this mechanism, users can propose complex problems related to coastal zones , hence requiring the collaboration of experts. The request is submitted to the national coordination office (NCO) via the CSM1 form. This form is submitted to BeNCoRe by e-mail.

BeNCoRe will search for partners among the the ENCORA platform in 13 european countries who are willing to cooperate with you in order to find a solution to your problem. Networks operationally linked to ENCORA will also take part in your request.

Results of your request will include contact information by telephone, e-mail etc) of persons within the ENCORA platform.

If you like to submit a request, please download the CSM1 forms are located. Remember to submit your request to the coordination office of your country

  • CSM1 form
    Description: This form is used from members of a National Network to submit a query for a contact search. Members should send this form to the National Coordination Office of their country. Your request should be as much detailed as possible

  • CSM2 form
    Description: This is the form which should be used from members who would like to reply to a request they received from their NCO. The CSM2 form should be submitted to the NCO via e-mail

  • CSM4 form
    Description: This is a form of evaluation of the Contact Search Mechanism. It should submitted to the NCO of your country after you have explored possible ways of cooperating with the persons proposed from your NCO

See ENCORA Requests submitted at the moment:

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