Where are we in the BiodiversityKnowledge project?

Update 21.03.2014

Update 13.12.2013

    • Looking for a visual introduction into our project? Watch our video on Vimeo.


Update 9.12.2013

  • Most results from the BDK2 conference have been compiled (including videos) at the conference webpage.
  • Revision of our White paper is still going on, relfecting on the results from BDK2 - more updates soon. Main issues:
    • better reflect needs for capacity building
    • reflect more on involvement of different forms of knowledge (and according partners)
    • better outline different kinds of requests and how they can be tackled by different methods of analysis and assessment
    • develop governance structure proposal based on institutional feedback
  • BiodivKnowledge with other European partners is currently actively supporting discussions on the stakehodler strategy of IPBES at its second plenary meeting (9-14 of December, 2013) - follow us on Twitter @BiodivKnowledge @spiral_project

Update: After 2nd conference, 01.10.2013