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Deliverables of the KNEU project

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D1.1 Overview of knowledge holders and requesters of a potential NoK Leucojum vernum D1.2 Defining elements of organisational structures and processes of a NoK

Manu Oland

D2.1 The NoK Prototype  close-up leaf  D3.1 Final knowledge assessment reports of the 3 case studies and
lessons learned
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D4.1 Report on the evaluation of the prototype NoK


BiodiversityKnowledge First Conference, Brussels 21-23 of May, 2012

 Marguerite Presentation, videos and reports  Pumkins Programme of the conference
 3 Background document to the conference  9 Draft prototype of a Network of Knowledge



 BiodiversityKnowledge Second Conference, Berlin, September 2013


Programme, presentations, videos and reports Carolin Kugel - maple tree  Background document to the conference: NoK's guide



 - Recommendations to the NoK from Regional workshops:

Budapest WS Snip Budapest workshop (Eastern) Copenhagen WS Snip Copenhagen workshop (Nordic)
Aix WS Snip Aix workshop (Southern)    

- Workshops, side events and symposia:

 aurikel 15  LIAISE workshop, Villa Vigoni, October 2012  img 6950

IPBES 1, First Plenary of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity,

January 2013, Bonn

Caridonax fulgidus-Flores island-Indonesia Auliya 2

ALTER-Net Conference, Ghent, Belgium. April 15-18th 2013


BiodivERsA stakeholder engagement workshop, Peterborough, UK,

April 23rd-24th 2013


Flyer Snip Flyer Newsletter Snip Newsletters
 Poster NoK Prototype Snip Poster: The Network of Knowledge prototype Poster Mapping knowledge flow  Snip Poster: Mapping biodiversity knowledge flows
Presentation Snip 1 Presentations Press release Snip Press releases
Paper in International Innovation Snip Paper in International Innovation Logo Snip BiodiversityKnowledge logo

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For products of the First BiodiversityKnowledge Conference (videos, presentations and reports) please refer to the Conference Site.