Deliverable 3.1 Demonstrate cases

The deliverable D3.1, entitled "Final knowledge assessment reports of the 3 case studies and
lessons learned" aimed at testing the developed Prototype European Network of Knowledge for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (hereafter NoK-Prototype, see KNEU D.2.1) in practice. For this purpose three case studies were performed with the intention to cover a broad range of relevant sectors of research and policy making. The performance of the NoK-Prototype during the conduction of the case studies will be evaluated by Work package 4 (WP4) and, based on the conclusions of WP3 and WP4, a final set of recommendations for the governance and methodological approach of the Network of Knowledge will be elaborated in WP5.

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1) General parts (all three case studies)
2) ANNEX - part A: Knowledge Assessment Reports of the marine Case Studies
3) ANNEX- part B: Knowledge Assessment Reports of the agro Case Studies
4) ANNEX- part C: Knowledge Assessment Reports of the conservation Case Studies


We strongly acknowledge the voluntary contribution of all involved stakeholders, mainly
requesters and experts such as scientists, researchers, policy-makers, decision-makers, and