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Dipl. Rosmarie Katrin Neumann

Research Scientist/Knowledge Broker for the Network-Forum for Biodiversity Research Germany

Facilitation of the biodiversity knowledge transfer from Science to Politics and back

Why does Biodiversity fascinate you?
On a daily basis I especially "need" the fresh air and aesthetic values that nature provides (e.g. a crazy curled tree branch, the colorful "bug", the crow sitting on the fence that I walk past) and it always provide little fascinating wonders.

Where do you find Biodiversity in your everyday life?
On my way to work, view from the office window (e.g. flocks of crows), my little lunch time walk and any other spare time I use for walks. I certainly need my dosis of fresh air and "something green" every day.

Why do you think it is important to create a network of Knowledge on Biodiversity and Ecosystem services?
To see where there are strong bonds already, reflect on why this is the case, to identify gaps and to find and improve communication strategies to fill these gaps. I am on board and keen as :-)

Rosmarie Neumann - Owl Rosmarie Neumann - Frogs

Rosmarie Neumann - Butterfly