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Dr. Edith Hammer, Microbial Ecologist

Edith is working with one of the world’s most fascination species-interactions: Mycorrhizae (latin for “fungus-root”) is a symbioses of more than 80% of all plant species, hosting fungi in their roots with whom they trade nutrients against their sugar from photosynthesis. Her interests range from basic questions on how this mutualism is stable during time, to applied issues like how to improve soil fertility in degraded areas of Africa.

Why does Biodiversity fascinate you?
Biodiversity means life quality, life resources, and unpayable value. We cannot imagine the time it took to develop all those species inhibiting our planet today.

Where do you find Biodiversity in your everyday life?
I always enjoy a trip to nature to experience the feeling of sharing the planet with the most different life forms, but am also fascinated encountering wild life coming into our towns, or discovering a big variety of molds on a forgotten lunch sandwich.

Why do you think it is important to create a network of Knowledge on Biodiversity and Ecosystem services?
Biodiversity is complex, and so is the research on it – to me, trying to order info, ideas and competences into a network of knowledge is long overdue.

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