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 Ben M. King - portrait picture

Benjamin M. King,

Biomedical engineer



Why does Biodiversity fascinate you?
Inspiration comes from the things around us that are beyond what could possibly imagine ourselves. The diversity of this planet is what makes it such a dynamic, colourful and always magical place to be.

Where do you find Biodiversity in your everyday life?
In every aspect of life, biodiversity is present, from what we see out the window in the morning to what we find on our plates each day. Our environment is affected in every way by the diversity around us.

Why do you think it is important to create a network of Knowledge on Biodiversity and Ecosystem services?
Our viability on this planet is closely linked to the natural world around us, it is hugely important that we understand these systems in order to interact with them in ways that helps us to protect this natural systems.

What would be your first question to ask the BK to answer regarding Biodiversity and ecosystem services?
How can we, as normal people support ecosystem services? How can we initiate a paradigm shift in order to bring the natural world back into focus and to shift away from seeing it purely as a resource to be exploited?

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