Conservation case study workshop

The second workshop of the “conservation case study” on multifunctional floodplain management took place in Hainburg an der Donau (Austria), 7th-9th of November 2012.

The main goals for the workshop were the discussion of data extraction-issues for the systematic review, to develop a capacity matrix that relates floodplain management-measures to ecosystem services and to organize the working process in the case study.

Please find details in the agenda (attachment).

We agreed at the workshop on the following three main products of the case study:

  1. a report on the definitive matrix "interventions vs. ecosystem services"
  2. the systematic review on the “biodiversity effects of multifunctional floodplain management”
  3. an expert-assessment on “biodiversity effects of multifunctional floodplain management” including country-specific summaries that focus strongly on sources of evidence that are not covered by the SR.

The timelines for the next steps are:

  1. Matrix: until end of December
  2. Expert assessment: country-specific texts until the end of December, overall text until the end of January
  3. Systematic review (mainly done by UNIVIE-team): until the end of February.

Many thanks to the participating experts


If you would like to contribute to the test case, please contact:!