How to achieve

To achieve these objectives, the Action will:

  • Liaise with MSFD descriptors to provide information to assess GES, identify gaps in knowledge, and channel ongoing research to fill those gaps
  • Improve communication between researchers and top-level environmental managers, to ensure that appropriate research is carried out and that results are communicated back in a form that is relevant to these policy makers
  • Collate, compile and make publicly available existing long-term data on biodiversity, to quantify past trends and variations in space and time
  • Improve and develop European-wide standardized methodologies at a range of spatio-temporal scales, improving links between monitoring questions, research structures and international standardization bodies
  • Facilitate a coordinated approach to produce, store and interpret marine biodiversity data

All data processed through the Action will be stored in distributed repositories and will directly feed into existing initiatives like the ESFRI project LifeWatch, EurOBIS, or EMODNET