Scientific workplan

The scientific workplan will consist of several activities that will focus on:

  1. The selection of marine biodiversity sites to be included in the network of marine observatories.
  2. The selection of suitable, cost effective, and fit for purpose (science, management/policy making) indicators that can be implemented in the existing monitoring activities at the observatory sites.
  3. Optimization and standardization of monitoring tools/approaches for these indicators at the observatory sites (combination of 1 and 2 tested through some pilots).
  4. Implementation of the EMBOS marine observatories network and an integrated monitoring strategy for marine biodiversity at several spatial scales that will facilitate indication of changes in biodiversity patterns in place and time.


Three types of working groups will be working on EMBOS

1.      Working Group Observatory Sites (WGOS),

         to help in the process to compose and evaluate the overviews, selection criteria, and results of the questionnaires, on marine biodiversity observatory sites in Europe,

2.      Working Group Biodiversity Indicators (WGBI),

         to help in the process to compose and evaluate the overviews on tools and indicators of marine biodiversity at Pan-European scale, The WGBI will consist of a scientific panel and a policy panel. The panels will evaluate the biodiversity indicators and will approach the proposed strategy from their own point of view.

3.       Working Group Pilot Studies (WGPS),

         to help testing and optimizing a sampling methodology for a suit of indicators of marine biodiversity (selected by the WGBI) and to provide guidelines for a standardized approach within existing monitoring activities at a selected set of marine biodiversity observatory sites (selected by the WGOS) by means of pilot studies.