Installation of EMBOS

After the conclusion of the previous activities and (above mentioned) integration workshop the agreed EMBOS monitoring strategy will be unrolled at all the individual marine biodiversity monitoring sites involved in the Action. The consequences for adoption of the EMBOS monitoring strategy for the existing monitoring activities at local scale will be assessed, including consequences for the continuation (comparability) of the data in the long term datasets. Also it might be that the EMBOS strategy locally has to be implemented as a new system. Since it will take some time, and might involve training of technicians and scientists, ample time is planned for the preparation of the implementation of the monitoring strategy. The Service Centre will assist where needed. This will lead for as well the European dimension of EMBOS, as well the individual components, i.e. the individual observatory sites, to a observation and research strategy based on a “best practice principle” for large-scale long-term monitoring of marine biodiversity.


Finally, during a meeting for the whole Consortium of the Action the EMBOS network of marine biodiversity observatories will be installed that adopts the selected research and observation strategy and is committed to long-term monitoring of marine biodiversity, including QC and capacity building (training, exchange of students/scientists, sharing facilities). The implementation of the EMBOS marine observatories network and an integrated monitoring strategy for marine biodiversity at several spatial scales will facilitate a proper indication of changes in biodiversity patterns in place and time.