Pilot studies Integration

After the first selection of the observatories and the indicators and tools for the monitoring of marine biodiversity, a pilot study at some of the selected observatory sites , to be assembled in the Working Group Pilot Studies (WGPS), will be set up to assess the operability of the proposed indicators. The aim is to test and optimize the sampling methodology for a suit of indicators of marine biodiversity and to provide guidelines for a standardized approach within existing monitoring activities of the consortium members.


The pilots will be performed in a nested approach so that the performance of the selected indicators can be tested at several spatial scales (including geographic regions), during at least one full season.


The pilots will be carried out within existing monitoring programmes, and thereby these activities will be funded with external resources. The analysis of the performance of selected indicators along the geographic gradients will be part of the Action. A first feasibility evaluation of the performance of the indicators (by the WGPS) is planned after the first monitoring campaign. A second pilot phase is anticipated for after eventual adjustments (and filling in gaps) resulting from the first pilot phase.


After the conclusion of the first and second phase of the Pilot Projects the WGPS will evaluate the performance of the indicators from a scientific and management point of view.


The results of the pilots and evaluation of the WGPS will be discussed in a workshop with the whole consortium of the Action, including also all working groups (i.e. beside the WGPS, the WGOS and WGBI) for an optimal exchange of all information and results obtained until then. During the workshop a dialogue will be started with the Members that have agreed to participate in the EMBOS network, about the feasibility of the EMBOS strategy and how it can be applied at local scale through integration/adoption in the existing monitoring programmes. Moreover, the eventual consequences for the (nature and storage of) locally gathered data(sets) will be discussed..


At the end of the workshop the Working Groups will merge/evolve into a single Service Centre that can, and will, provide assistance with the implementation of the last activity, i.e. the installation of EMBOS.