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Fishing as a source of inspiration
The coast has long been a source of inspiration and a draw for artists, due to the particular light and environment. The activity of fishing, fishermen and fishing boats appear in paintings and influence other artworks and creative activity, such as photography, film, music, literature and drama.
Art captures a moment in time and becomes part of the historical record of a particular place and activity. One of the most well-known and extensive records of fishing in art is the Newlyn School of Painters, a colony of artists that lived and painted in and around southwest Cornwall in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Fishing also provides inspiration for artists today, and paintings of fishing places are often popular purchases for tourists.
The artists have been drawn to the Stade, to the fishing area because... it’s genuine, it’s real and there’s the light and its’ exciting, it’s beautiful, it’s historical, it’s people at work
Local Authority, Hastings
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