End Products

• Guidelines for project development

These guidelines will facilitate smooth and safe management and implementation of Multi Use Platforms (MUPs). They have to address a wide range of issues such as business, technical, spatial socio-economic planning and should be usable project owners and their associates. They will also include clear procedures regarding stakeholder involvement and concepts for raising financial support.

• Knowledge and science base for multidisciplinary approach

Considering the large scale of coming offshore developments for aquaculture and renewable energy extraction the accumulated effect of various large scale structures in interaction with waves, currents, waves, seabed, mixing and dispersion processes has to be analysed in detail. Further, the effects from multi-trophic aquaculture and large scale aquaculture on the marine environment will be assessed. These end products will be beneficial to designers, manufacturers and contractors.

Mermaid ship

• Decision support systems to support transport infrastructure

In all operations taking place offshore (including installation, maintenance and operation), the ocean conditions have a direct impact on the procedures. Predictions will be made through remote sensing, high resolution models and data-assimilation. These predictions will be linked to databases with operator experiences to improve the strategies for installation, maintenance and operation of MUPs. The results can be utilised by small and large operators and contractors.

• Economical and environmental feasibility of MUP

The feasibility of the multi-use concepts has to be compared to the single use approach of ocean space. Will the environmental impact decrease or increase? Will the funding for aquaculture be easier as risks are reduced? Will the multi-use approach lead to a better exploration of ocean space for aquaculture? Addressing such key questions will be of large interest to Governmental agencies, spatial planners (private and public), investors and NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisations).

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