Marine Incidents MAnagement Cluster
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Although communication is present between the different partners of both projects, there is no systematic or coordinated effort to optimize interaction between both projects. Therefore the objectives of the cluster are:
  1. to create a structure which will increase and optimize the already existing communication and interaction between the different partners in both projects;
  2. to avoid duplication and overlap of efforts and data generation, and integrate the results and data of both projects;
  3. to increase the visibility, dissemination and exploitation of the results by international networking, improving participation of potential end users and integrating recommendations to policy makers;
  4. to create added value both for the researchers as well as for the end users of both projects;
  5. to minimize gaps in the knowledge by mutual exchange of specific information and data relevant for each others project;
  6. to explore opportunities to combine the expertise of both project teams in further research projects.
Supported by
the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office

General coordination: Annemie Volckaert
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