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The main goal of the PEGASO project is to construct a shared Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Governance Platform (figure 1) with scientists, users and decision-makers linked with new models of governance. The ICZM Governance Platform will facilitate the application of the ecosystem approach to the Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts, to support the implementation of the ICZM Protocol - linking the knowledge and information of the different elements required for the equitable and sustainable management of both coastal land and water.

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Figure 1: The ICZM Platform Components

To implement the ecosystem approach, the PEGASO project has compiled information from all countries bordering on the Mediterranean and Black Sea Basins through an extensive survey, and has presented a summary of the first results of the stocktake of ICZM Science capacities and the ICZM governance stocktake to the ICZM Protocol National Focal Points (representatives from ministries responsible for the environment in Mediterranean and Black Sea countries) in Istanbul, Turkey last October 2011 and later during the Extraordinary Meeting of the PAP/RAC National Focal Points in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on the 18-19th of October 2011.

The PEGASO ICZM Platform will be supported by a set of ICZM Tools and by the development of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) uniting spatial data at regional level. In this Spatial Data Infrastructure, all data and PEGASO ICZM indicators from PEGASO participants and their wider networks will be shared, using the different services, which will be offered through its Geoportal. The idea is to build a functional network of geographical sites (geonodes) with all partners, supporting training and capacity building in the Mediterranean countries and Black Sea countries, to co-develop and support existing geonodes and to build local/regional or national geonodes if requested by stakeholders. Data then will be easily accessible through a web portal that will also help in managing communication and dissemination of results amongst partners and the shared ICZM platform components. PEGASO will support the harmonization of data and metadata in order to integrate information from different sources.

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