• To construct an ICZM governance platform, consistent with the aims of article 14 of the ICZM protocol for the Mediterranean, to support the development of integrated policies for the coastal, marine and maritime realms of the Mediterranean and Black sea basins.
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  • To build in collaboration a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Supporting and creating local geonodes, in order to deliver a Mediterranean and Black Sea harmonised sets of data, accessible through an Internet viewer.
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  • To refine and further develop efficient and easy to use tools for making sustainability assessments in the coastal zone.

To co-produce with end-users a relevant integrated indicator set. To develop environmental accounts for the coastal zone. To develop social and economic valuation methodologies for ICZM. To develop multi-scale, spatially explicit scenarios to inform ICZM responses.
More on the Multi-scale tools, methods and models for integrated assessment.


  • To test and validate the assessment tools at regional and local scales to understand both global and cumulative local trends and how they interact in specific coastal and marine regions.

To enlarge ICZM governance platform through intensive work at pilot sites. To integrate all relevant scales into the ICZM process. To support an integrated regional assessment for the Mediterranean and Black Sea coastal and maritime areas. To identify the main common threats and priority responses in both basins. To formulate policy response options at different spatial and temporal scales. To produce guidelines for sustainable planning and assessment on land and sea, and for specially vulnerable areas.


  • To establish and strengthen mechanisms for networking and capacity development so as to promote knowledge transfer and the long-term use of the project outputs.

To provide training courses on sustainability tools and SDI to enhance capacity for ICZM at different scales and to support implementation of PEGASO products. To steer dynamic regional networks with high scientific capacity to assess their countries after PEGASO ends.


To establish and strengthen mechanisms for networking and diffusion of PEGASO outputs so as to enlarge network of interested stakeholders and the large public.

To promote diffusion of PEGASO concepts through scientific events, newsletters and other means, accessible to different languages and cultural backgrounds.   To promote the ICZM Mediterranean and Black Sea strategic Panel oriented towards the countries of the Black Sea, and the South and East Mediterranean to enlarge the impacts of PEGASO in both regions.   To promote scientific papers published in peer reviewed journals.

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