Percentage of built-up land by distance from the coastline excluding 'Greater London'

  • Definition : Corine Land Cover is the input data layer, CLC 1990 classes are regrouped into a 'built-up' class including: Continuous urban fabric (111), Discontinuous urban fabric (112) Industrial or commercial units (121) Road and rail networks and associated land (122), Port Areas (123), Airports (124), Mineral Extraction sites (131), Dump sites (132) and construction sites (133), by municipality (district, sub-region, buffer), in any given year.
  • Calculation : The sum of the combined areas of built-up land (CLC 1990 level 3 categories 1.1, 1.2. and 1.3) within a given boundary (municipality, district,..), divided by total area of the unit, multiplied by 100. The same calculation is applied for CLC 2000 datasets. Percentage of built-up land can also be calculated for a buffer of 1km distance from the coastline and 10km from the coastline.
  • Unit : Percentage
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