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At present, several projects are – both with respect to contents as well as methodology – interlinked. These are the projects MAREBASSE, TROPHOS, BALANS and GAUFRE. The inter-linkages go however beyond a mere parallel and it became clear that they can gain benefit from each other’s input, knowledge, way of thinking and synergy. The proposal for this cluster therefore tries to formalize these potential synergies on the level of information exchange, methodology and research experiences. Currently, the different projects are mainly focusing on creating an internal network and trying to build a baseline on which other projects can be developed. Interaction with other projects – although obvious and necessary – was until present only put forward in a chaotic, accidental and asynchronical way. The cluster will try to structure the inter-linkages for the benefit of each project within the cluster and to improve scientific cooperation and validation on a multidisciplinary level and to support policy questions. The SUMANOS projects fits within the framework of the SPSD-II research action of the Belgian Science Policy