Exchange of Young Researchers within Theseus project

Andrea Natalia Raosa, a young Italian scientist from the University of Bologna, has had the opportunity to spend six months at the University of Cantabria, thanks to Marco Polo grant entirely financed by the Theseus project. She said: “I address a sincere thanks to the Theseus project for the precious opportunity. It represented for me an important moment of personal and scientific growth because I had the possibility to contact well-experienced researchers, to attend courses with other PhD Students and to cooperate with young engineer colleagues. I have improved my general knowledge about the main topics of Coastal Engineering and acquired the most recent advances in this field of engineering, in particular regarding numerical modeling. Thanks to the help of Professor Javier L. Lara, I discovered and studied the COBRAS-UC code developed by the University of Cantabria and I also explored the possibility to insert sediment transport in this code. Moreover, during my stay I had the chance to participate in seminars held on the occasion of the new offices inauguration of the institute “IH CANTABRIA”. In short, I now bear in mind several research approaches and topics that I hope will be useful in my research activity.”