THESEUS session at Coastal Structures Conference

On September 6th, the special session 'THESEUS - Coastal risks in a changing climate' was held at the Coastal Structures 2011 Conference in Yokohama, Japan. Chairs of the session were Prof. Nobuhisa Kobayashi, University of Delaware, and Dr. Barbara Zanuttigh, University of Bologna. During the special session, presentations were given by Barbara Zanuttigh, UNIBO; Inigo Losada, UC; Nobuhisa Kobayashi, UD; Jørgen Harck Nørgaard, AAU; Edgar Mendoza-Baldwin, UNAM; Sergey Kuznetsov, IO-RAS. The presentations focused on the development of methodologies for risk assessment (e.g. the Source-Pathway-Receptor-Consequence model, the development of vulnerability/resilience curves for coastal structures or habitats) and on mitigation (ranging from wave energy converters to floating breakwaters combined with submerged structures and dunes). Conference proceedings will be edited by the Imperial College Press.

The next conference is expected to take place in 2015 in Seattle, USA.


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