A THESEUS delegation visits ERDC (Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA)

On March 21-23rd a delegation of the THESEUS team visited ERDC (Engineer Research Development Center) in Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA. At ERDC, THESEUS representatives Barbara Zanuttigh, Inigo Losada and Tjeerd Bouma met with ERDC team members William Curtis, Mark Gravens, Ty Wamsley, Jeff Melby, Jane Smith, Jose Sanchez, Joe Gailani, Linda Lillycrop, Don Ward and Craig Fishenich.

The purpose of this visit was to clarify the objectives and activities to be included in twinning activities between the two teams. Presentations were given by both teams regarding selected topics, a. o. modeling wave structure/vegetation interaction, coastal risk assessment, vulnerability and resilience of coastal habitats, beach nourishment plans and practices.

The THESEUS delegation had also the opportunity to visit many of the available facilities such as the Ship Simulator, the Lock & Dam Physical Model, the Long Shore Transport tank and the Sediment Laboratory.


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Article by Barbara Zanuttigh