THESEUS present at the exhibition of the 6th World Water Forum


With the overarching theme "Time for Solutions", the 6th World Water Forum (WWF6) addressed a wide range of thematic priorities related to water (e.g. water and sanitation, water and climate change, governance for Integrated Water Resources Management, water and ecosystems services, ...). The WWF6 concluded with a Ministerial Declaration (the Marseille Declaration), which reiterates the commitment of governments to achieving the Millennium Development Goals related to clean drinking water and sanitation, and highlights the contribution of water to a green economy. Regarding climate change, like the THESEUS project, the Marseille Declaration recognizes the need to build resilience to climate change and variability through integrated land and water resources management and highlights the need to develop and strengthen national and transboundary disaster prevention and response strategies.

The WWF6 exhibition provided an excellent outreach opportunity towards policy-makers, researchers, industry representatives, actors of the civil society, and the public at large. In this context, an EU Pavilion of 144 m² was created within the Forum exhibition. This Pavilion included an EU research corner where FP6/FP7 material was displayed and distributed. This corner also contained documentation from the THESEUS project.