New entries to the THESEUS Wiki-Portal.

The THESEUS Wiki-Portal, embedded in the Coastal and Marine Wiki (, has been launched to improve the visibility of the results from THESEUS research. This portal includes information from the THESEUS study sites and gets updated by the THESEUS project partners.

The portal already provided coastal professionals an overview of the coastal defense techniques and contained pages elaborating innovative defense techniques in more detail. Now the portal is updated with information about the three types of European natural habitats which can provide coastal protection. Based on the “THESEUS Official Deliverable 3.3 - Natural habitats for coastal protection and relevant multi-stressor coastal risks. Report and European Scale overview” five new pages have been added:


Although these pages have only been online for nearly 3 months they greatly enhanced the visibility of the results published in the THESEUS Official Deliverable. While to this date the deliverable itself has been downloaded less than a 100 times, each of the wiki-pages have received over 3000 hits, with one page topping 12000 hits.


More results of case studies resluting from THESEUS research wil be included shortly.


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