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Danish Coastal Authority (KDI)

Deense naam: Kystdirektoratet
Höjbovej 1
Postbox 100
7260 Lemvig

Tel.: +45-(0)99-63 63 63
Fax: +45-(0)99-63 63 99
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Type: Administratief

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The Danish Coastal Authority (Kystdirektoratet) – a division of the Danish Ministry of Transport and Energy – is the state advisory on coastal protection. The Danish Coastal Authority constructs and maintains state coast protection on the west coast of Jutland. Other assignments are harbour operation, dredging, and storm surge alerts for the west coast of Jutland and the tidal flats.

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  • COMCOAST: COMbined functions in COASTal defence zones, meer
  • EroGRASS: Failure of Grass Cover Layers at Seaward and Shoreward Dike Slopes, meer
  • SAFECOAST: Sustainable Coastal Risk Management in 2050, meer

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