THESEUS - Science-Policy Interface event

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Why attending?

You are cordially invited to participate in the final meeting of THESEUS, the 31 partner Integrated Project on coastal risk assessment and mitigation co-funded by the European Commission. The event is organized by the University of Bologna (Project Coordinator) in cooperation with the Flanders Marine Institute. In this final event you will:

Be updated on THESEUS key findings

  • Coastal protection in 2100: climate trends, risks and governance challenges
  • Learning from experience: understanding and mapping of risks with results from 8 case studies across Europe
  • Protect with ecosystems: ecology based mitigation measures and design
  • Innovation and best practices in coastal engineering

Discover new coastal risk management tools

  • THESEUS Decision Support System for sustainable decision making. The tool allows to rapidly test the consequences of coastal hazard scenarios and verify the impact induced by socially, economically, ecologically and engineering based mitigation solutions.
  • Guidelines for coastal risk assessment and management with example applications.

Contribute to working groups on burning issues

  • Coastal erosion and flood: are we at risk?
  • Risk mapping and uncertainty: an intrinsic contradiction?
  • How can risk communication be made more effective?
  • How to organise decision making for a sustainable coast?
  • Implications for EU coastal policies?
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