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Marine Regions releases version 10 of the Maritime Boundaries
It's out! Marine Regions newest version of the Maritime Boundaries is now ready for download. Click the button below to access the download page! Version 10 fixes all known issues from version 9 and is updated with several new treaties.
Download v10
The Maritime Boundaries polygons are identified by their attributes and include the Exclusive Economic Zones, the 12 & 24 Nautical Miles zones, the internal and archipelagic waters.
The Polylines dataset included in the download package is composed by treaty, median, and connection lines. All the different attributes and their respective sources are documented in the shapefile's attributes.
Download v10
New Treaties
Updating borders is a never ending task. We've added the newest border rulings and agreements to v10, including the latest International Court of Justice awards.
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CC License
We want to make your life easier! Marine Regions is adopting CC BY-NC-SA license for Maritime Boundaries and Gazetteer. Contact us for exceptions.

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While the methodology remains the same as that used in v9, the areas and general metrics were recalculated for v10 using an improved approach.

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