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Definition of [[Capacity Development]]
Definition of [[Capacity Development]]
[ UNDP Capacity Assessment Users Guide, May 2007]

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Definition of Capacity Assessment:
Capacity Assessment is an analysis of desired future capacities against current capacities; this assessment generates an understanding of capacity assets and needs, which in turn leads to the formulation of capacity development response strategies. Capacity assessment serves as input to defining capacity development response strategies that address those areas where national and/or local capacities could be strengthened or that optimize existing capacities that are strong and well place. The capacity assessment also sets the baseline for ongoing monitoring and evaluation progress against relevant indicators. Capacity assessment provide a systematic analysis of what key capacities exist, and a point of dialogue and negotiation on what additional capacities may be required to reach a desired development outcome. However, it is understood that fulfilling such capacity needs as identified provides necessary but often not sufficient conditions for the achievement of the development outcome [1].
This is the common definition for Capacity Assessment, other definitions can be discussed in the article

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UNDP Capacity Assessment Users Guide, May 2007


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