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Theme 2 - ICZM Participation and Implementation.

ENCORA is a Coordinated Action project under the European 6th Framework Programme for Research and Development. The project aims at establishing a European network structure with new mechanisms for communication on shared problems within and between the communities of coastal science, policy and practice.

Theme 2 within the ENCORA project is concerned with participation by all stakeholders, whether political/policy, economic or environmental, as well as the public in the implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management. The interaction occurs both horizontally (across different sectors such as tourism, fisheries and agriculture) and vertically (at different geographical scales).

The theme programme is directed to the following issues:

- Determining the level of implementation of stakeholder participation;

- Determining what are the bottle-necks towards progress in stakeholder participation;

- Developing examples of best European practice to improve stakeholder participation;

- Encouraging national, regional and local authorities to introduce new methods for stakeholder participation.

This is a list of articles written by participants of the Thematic Network on ICZM Participation and Implementation.