Closure depth

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Definition of Closure depth:
The depth beyond which no significant longshore or cross-shore transports take place due to littoral transport processes. The closure depth can thus be defined as the depth at the seaward boundary of the littoral zone.
This is the common definition for Closure depth, other definitions can be discussed in the article

Definition of Closure Depth – Further notes

The closure depth can be calculated using the expression[1] which is valid for "normal" sandy coastal profiles:

d1 = 2.28HS,12h/y - 68.5 (H2s,12h/y) / (gT2s)

where dl is the closure depth relative to mean low water-level
HS,12h/y is the nearshore significant wave height exceeded 12 hours per year, and
Ts is the corresponding significant wave period.


  1. Hallemeyer, R. J., 1981. "A profile Zonation for Seasonal Sand Beaches from Wave Climate". Coastal Engineering, Vol 4, 253-277.