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# [[Morphology]]
# [[Morphology]]
# [[Ecomorphology]]
# [[Geomorphology]]
# [[Coastal morphology]]
# [[Coastal morphology]]

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Definition of Ecomorphology:
Ecomorphology is primarily concerned with analyses of the adaptiveness of morphological features and all dependent, correlated topics such as the comparisons of adaptations in different organisms, modifications of adaptive features due to competition and other causes, structure of ecological communities, diversity within taxa, etc,Bock, 1990[1].
This is the common definition for Ecomorphology, other definitions can be discussed in the article

See also

  1. Morphology
  2. Geomorphology
  3. Coastal morphology
    1. Bock, W.J. 1990. From Biologische Anatomie to Ecomorphology. Neth. J. Zool. 40:. 254-277.