Good and Bad Practices and Lessons Learned

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This section aims at disseminating the results of Capacity Building efforts within the framework of ICZM projects and programmes in Europe and abroad to facilitate sharing of experience and know-how. In this way, it may become a framework for innovative dissemination and increased visibility of results and activities of EU-funded Environment research.

This section is meant to be completed by the different project coordinators.

Help to provide examples of good and bad practices in ICZM capacity building in your respective countries!

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The EU has already been endowed with human and institutional resources that have the required competencies for the application of integrated approaches to coastal management. In fact, there is an enormous quantity and diversity of Capacity Building initiatives undertaken by different organizations for different target groups.

Unfortunately, these initiatives have a limited impact due to fragmentation of the training and educational effort, disconnection between training efforts and management needs and priorities, and the lack of synergy between Capacity Building initiatives, thus individual initiatives often remaining isolated.

Examples of good and bad practices

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Lessons learned

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Roadmap for Capacity Building for ICZM

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