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Climate change is one factor, but not the only factor affecting coastal and beach management. Human uses and developments have the biggest impacts on coastal and beach management in Europe, and not anthropogenic climate change. However, climate change has and will cause additional and perhaps unforeseeable impacts for coastal and beach management. Different aspects of these changes are highlighted here, including overall nature of climate change and acidification. There is then a discussion of biodiversity, conservation and fisheries. This is followed by a discussion of impacts on fresh water and coastal waters within Europe, including impacts on water quality and quantity, eutrophication, and drought, desertification and flooding. There is then as discussion of sea level rise, extreme weather events and erosion. Finally there is an overview of impacts for sustainable tourism, particularly in the Mediterranean and south Atlantic, and suggested coast and beach management approaches for climate change.


Case Study: Climate Change and European Coast and Beach Management, 2006, Completed by M.A.K.Muir for EU-funded Coastal Practise Network (CoPraNet)
The main author of this article is Magdalena Muir
Please note that others may also have edited the contents of this article.

Citation: Magdalena Muir (2008): Introduction. Available from [accessed on 18-08-2017]