Monitoring biodiversity in dunes, beaches and salt marshes

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Many methods to measure biodiversity exist and are described for example by Magurran (2004). Quantifying biodiversity is important for the assessment of areas in relation to Nature conservation, for the development of conservation strategies as well as of management measures. Therefore, it is for example also necessary to consider biodiversity pattern over time and in different geographical zones (Lévêque & Mounolou 2004). Monitoring biodiversity could be explained as measuring biodiversity over time, and represents the collection of ecosystem information at different time to assess ecosystem changes. Temporal changes in diversity are usually measured as turnover in time. The turnover rate could be expressed for example by the number of different species between two adjacent areas divided by the total number of species (Yoccoz et al. 2001, Duelli & Obrist 2003). Similar to other ecological aspects, long-term biodiversity investigation are less available (Willis et al. 2005).


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