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Major national programmes in which ENCORA members are involved.




  • LITEAU Applied research programme in support of coastal management on (1) management and control of nutritive salts (2) chemical and microbiological elements (3) management of coastal ecosystems, sustainable management
  • PNOC National Coastal Oceanographic Programme
  • PNEDC National programme of biogeochemical process in ocean and flux
  • PROOF National Coastal Environment Programme
  • PNEC National Coastal Environment Programme
  • PATOM Atmospheric and oceanic variations, meteorological and climate evolutions and energy transfer processes
  • RITMER Research network on accidental maritime pollutions and their environmental consequences
  • GICC Control and impact of global change, applied research programme on tools and methods for national authorities to optimise strategies against the greenhouse effect and of adaptation to global change
  • Definition of the French Martime Public area Natural indicators as reliable and perpetual tracers to define the limit reached by the highest waters
  • SYSCOLAG Studies of coastal and lagunar systems
  • Cotes d'Armor Coastal geomorphology and vulnerability


  • Coastal Futures Integrated coastal zone management on the German coast
  • KRIM Climate impact on the German coast
  • MARCOPOLI Coastal dynamics and causes of change
  • BELAWATT Hydrodynamic impact on Wadden Sea areas



  • HIMON Hierarchical monitoring methods for tidal flats. To provide a system of methods to determine system staus and changes which are expressed by biological and physical variations within intertidal areas
  • AHA Assessment of human activity for the sustainable management of the coastal zone of the Southern Irish Sea
  • Sustainable development of the periwinkle industry An assessment of the potential for the sustainable development of the edible periwinkle, Littorina littorea, industry of Ireland
  • Bantry Bay Charter's Stakeholders GIS Address the challenge of succesful coastal xone management around Bantry Bay
  • STORMINESS Trends, impacts and models which reflect the coastal response to storminess
  • HMRC wave atlas Developing a GIS interface to the Hydraulic and Maritime Research Centre wave atlas
  • Broadhaven Bay SAC Cetacean Monitoring


  • ADRICOSM ADRIatic sea integrated COStal areas and river basin Management system pilot project
  • CORILA 1 Hydrodynamics and morphology. Quantity and quality of exchanges between lagoon and sea
  • CORILLA 2 Residence times and hydrodynamical dispersion, solid transport and upper layer circulation. Transport phenomena in the hydrological cycle: model of substance release in lagoon
  • SABBIA Integrated environmental study for beach management
  • ICZM VE S.Erasmo Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Venice area. Perspectives of development for the rural island of Sant Erasmo
  • ALBICOCCA Altimeter Based Investigations in Corsica, Capraia and Contiguous Areas
  • SINAPSI Seasonal, interannual and decadal variability of the atmosphere, oceans and related marine ecosystems


  • Water quality North Sea Development of a strategy to improve the water quality and ecosystem functioning of the North Sea, in line with international conventions.
  • CALPREA Development of measures to reduce and mitigate risks of accidental pollution of marine waters
  • COAST2005 Increased efficitency of shoreline management measures
  • JARKUS Annual coastal monitoring programme
  • Living with water Multifunctional development of Scheldt Delta



  • POCTI/FEDER Coastal zone monitoring using remote sensing satellite data



  • The evolution and sustainable management of coastal areas in Vietnam
  • Transport and spread of pollutants in the Pearl River Estuary and bordering areas of the South China Sea
  • Environmental assessment programme on the Oresund link between Denmark and Sweden

United Kingdom

  • FUTURECOAST This project provided a major step forward in conceptualising the factors affecting coastal change. A 'behavioural systems' approach was adopted, which involved the identification of the different elements that make up the coastal structure and developing an understanding of how these elements interact on a range of both temporal and spatial scales.
  • Estuary research programme This project is investigating the tools which are available at present and is also developing new approaches, which cover a range of spatial and temporal scales, including large scale long term change
  • Flood risk management consortium A major UK project to develop new methodologies and tools for future flood risk management
  • Foresight project, UK