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What is SPICOSA?

Figure: SPICOSA Study Site Applications (SSAs)
The Integrated Project SPICOSA was funded by the EU´s Sixth Framework Programme and took off in February 2007.It aims to develop and test a self-evolving, holistic research approach for the assessment of policy options for the sustainable management of Coastal Zone (CZ) systems. It is thus of high relevance to Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and other related European policies.

The initiative is based on the insight that policy has not been able to respond effectively enough to human pressures on the coastal environment. A more innovative, thorough approach is needed to treat the coastal zone as an integral functioning system (the CZ System) and to focus more on providing prognostic information to decision makers on how a CZ system might respond to sustainable technical options or management strategies. More...


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Through SETNet (SPICOSA Education and Training Network) SPICOSA established a platform for disseminating information, knowledge and experiences about systems approaches, specifically for ICZM students and coastal professionals in Europe.


SPICOSA´s central objective of developing the Systems Approach Framework (SAF) centres on methodologies for simulating the function of coastal zone systems. The simulation software EXTEND applied at SPICOSA Study Sites makes it possible to show how complex Coastal Zone systems react in the Study Sites. The Model Support Team of SPICOSA regularly produces a Special EXTEND Newsletter with information about developments of EXTEND applications, examples, and progress.






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