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Green Paper on Future Maritime Policy

On 7 June 2006, the European Commission adopted a Green Paper on a Future Maritime Policy for the European Union. The Green Paper is accompanied by a number of background documents which have been produced by European Commission Working Groups and by the Maritime Policy Task Force which oversaw the drafting of the Green Paper.

This Green Paper is the result of over a year of consulting with stakeholders, identifying gaps between sea-related sectoral policy areas and attempting to adopt best practice and learn from obstacles and challenges. The mandate has been to examine all economic activities of Europeans which are linked to or impact on the oceans and seas, as well as all the policies dealing with them, with a view to finding the best way to extract more benefit from the oceans in a sustainable manner.

EU Maritime Affairs Sectoral Policies

Many different policy areas covered by the European Commission are linked to the sea. Some of these areas are: Fisheries, Environment, Transport and Energy, Research, Enterprise and Industry, Regional Policy, Competition, Freedom, Security and Justice, Employment, Social Affairs and Equal opportunities, External Relations, Health and consumer protection.


EU website on Maritime Affairs
Green Paper on Future Marine Policy for the European Union

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