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Definition of Tetrasul:
Tetrasul, also known as diphenylsulphide, is a pesticide which was used against spider mites and aphidsCitefout: Onjuist label <ref>; onjuiste namen, bijvoorbeeld te veel.
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The use of tetrasul has been banned in Europe since 2003[1].

Tetrasul has a low water solubility (0.03 mg/l) and is very hydrophobic. It therefore is very likely to adsorb to particles and the sediment and to have a high potential towards bioaccumulation.

Tetrasul becomes toxic for fishes at concentrations above 11 mg/l. As a substance witch bioaccumulates and possibly also biomagnifies there may be risks to marine mammals by secondary poisoning. Mammals which consume more than 3,9 g per kilogram of body weight might be affected. Chronic exposure might cause effects at lower dosesCitefout: Onjuist label <ref>; onjuiste namen, bijvoorbeeld te veel.

Environmental standards and legislation

Included in the OSPAR list of substances of priority action


  1. European Directive 91/414/EEC