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== Policy - Europe-wide ==
* [[The European Context]]
* [[Public participation legislation]]
* [[EU ICZM Recommendation]]
* [[Evaluation of ICZM in Europe]]
* [[European Spatial Development Perspective]]
* [[Green Paper for a EU Maritime Policy]]
* [[Capacity Building and the Green Paper]]
* [[The Blue Book]] - An Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union
* [[EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)]]
* [[Common Fisheries Policy]]
* [[Consultation on Maritime Policy: the issue of Capacity Building]]
* [[Proposed Maritime Policy]]
* [[Maritime policy]]
* [[Policy and management responses]]
* [[Policy and management responses to climate change and eutrophication]]
* [[Policy and management responses to biodiversity shifts]]
* [[Science-Policy Interaction]]
* [[Pollution policies]]
* [[Practices and policies relating to climate change]]
* [[Capacity Building in the frame of EU ICZM related policies]]
* [[Thresholds and Marine Policies]]
== Policy in Belgium ==
== Policy in Belgium ==

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