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Tyndall's Regional Coastal Simulator

Tyndall's coastal simulator is being constructed to explore the impacts of climate change on the coast and to address questions of adaptation. This is an academic expedition that realises the need for improved understanding is pressing, and one that aspires to contribute to coastal governance. Tyndall recognises that to help society deal with climate change at the coast it must include meteorologists (to understand the climate) and social scientists (to understand how people might learn about and respond to climate risks) as well as the more familiar disciplines, such as hydrodynamic and geomorphic modellers, ecologists and flood risk analysis.

The simulator is a collection of integrated models that have been assembled to describe the flow of processes from the earth’s climate to coastal erosion, flood and ecological risk, via hydrodynamic and geomorphic processes. Although assembled to explore changes along the Norfolk coast they could be reconstructed to describe other areas. The great variety of coastal conditions means that such relocation may require the integration of new models, e.g. of estuary evolution.

The results of the simulator are being housed in a GIS based user interface.


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