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Dutch nameChloroform
CAS registration number67-66-3
Chemical formulaC H Cl3
Molecular weight119.38
Density (g/l)1490
Pressure (Pa)20260
Solubility (g/l)8

GESAMP Hazard Profile

Gesamp A (Bioaccumulation)Bioaccumulative with attendant risk to aquatic organisms or human health, but with a short retention time of the order of one week or less
Gesamp B (Damage to living resources)Slightly toxic
Gesamp D (Skin contact and inhalation)Slightly hazardous
Gesamp E (Reduction of amenities)Moderately objectionable because of persistence, smell or poisonous or irritant characteristics. Short-term effects lead to temporary interference with the use of beaches.

Risk Phrases

R20: harmful by inhalation
R22: harmful if swallowed
R38: irritating to skin
R40: possible risk of irreversible effects
R48: danger of serious damage to health by prolonged exposure

Safety Phrases

S36: wear suitable protective clothing
S37: wear suitable gloves

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Data compiled by the Laboratory for Biological Research on Water Pollution, University Ghent. For queries about the data, please contact Colin Janssen.