IMERS: Integrated Marine Environmental Readings & Samples  
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Data overview

The IMERS database stores measurement data based on sampling of water, sediment, suspended matter and biota. The database was set up in response to the growing need for a general repository that could store data resulting from all kinds of sampling campaigns in a uniform way.

The measurement data, the so-called readings, are stored together with a maximum of information on the actual scientific event that lay at the basis of the measurement. This way, for example biotic readings can be queried together with the environmental readings that were registered during the same visit of a station.

There is a maximum of integration of the IMERS database with the other databases managed at VLIZ. All species records in the IMERS database are directly linked to Aphia. The persons and institutes in the IMERS database are linked to IMIS (Integrated Marine Information System). Where relevant the cruises and trips in the IMERS database are linked to the cruises and trips in MIDAS (Marine Information and Data Acquisition System), where more information and underway data for the cruises and trips is available.

Since the data in the IMERS database originate from various sources, the database was equiped with a system of contexts. These contexts label the different collections of data and make it possible to handle and visualise data belonging to one context separately from the other data. Two important examples are the contexts that have been made available on the ENDIS-RISKS website and on the TROPHOS website.

The database will continue to grow as more and more sampling campaign data is being submitted to the data centre. For an overview of its current status click here. The data providers are responsible for indicating which part of the database, or with which level of abstraction/data reduction, these data are made available to the public (and at what time). For terms of use, please read the disclaimer that pops up before exporting data.

For any remarks on the content of the database and in case of any technical difficulties that might occur, please contact VLIZ.


IMERS is made by VLIZ (Flanders Marine institute)
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