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NameSaleh M.A. 2007. Assessment of mangrove vegetation on Abu Minqar Island of the Red Sea. Journal of Arid Environments 68 (2007) 331–336
DOI10.1016/j.jaridenv.2006.05.016 [view]
AuthorsSaleh, M. A.
TitleAssessment of mangrove vegetation on Abu Minqar Island of the Red Sea
JournalJournal of Arid Environments
Suffix68(2), 331-336
Type Publication
AbstractThe island of Abu Minqar is located near the mouth of the Gulf of Suez of the Red Sea and it is the only island in the area with rich stands of Avicennia marina mangrove. The island is highly vulnerable to damage from pollution associated with coastal activities, massive tourism development and hotel constructions along the coast of Al Ghardaqa. High resolution QuikBird satellite images were used for mapping the mangrove vegetation on the island and to establish a baseline database for future monitoring of the changes of the mangrove habitat on the island. The current total area of the mangrove vegetation on the island is 28.54 hectares (21% of the total area of the island) and is made of a single species of mangrove Avicennia marina.
Abu Minqar for Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorAvicennia marina (Forssk.) Vierh.
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