Mangroves taxon details

Rhizophora x lamarckii Montr.

235100  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:235100)

Not documented
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2006-12-05 16:48:04Z
2008-04-18 08:31:53Z

Not documented
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Type locality 

Nontype CANB 672610, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 672602, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 672594, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 933281, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 672597, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 672588, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 955647, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype Private , locality Iloilo (Philippines; Iloilo) [details]
Nontype BRI 596410, locality Indonesia (Malesia; PULAU BARAKAN KP JAMBUAI; Indonesia) [details]
Nontype BRI 475873, locality Motupore Island (New Guinea; MOTUPORE IS; Central) [details]
Nontype BRI 428119, locality Northern Territory (Northern Territory; ADELAIDE RIVER 25KM N OF ARNHEM HWY) [details]
Nontype BRI 592704, locality Northern Territory (Northern Territory; CAPE ARNHEM; Darwin & Gulf) [details]
Nontype BRI 475631, locality Northern Territory (Northern Territory; LIVERPOOL RIVER OPPOSITE BAT IS) [details]
Nontype BRI 668127, locality Port Curtis (Queensland; SEAHOUND HARD BOAT RAMP, SHOALWATER BAY, FRESHWATER SECTOR; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 831528, locality Port Curtis (Queensland; SEAHOUND INLET, SHOALWATER BAY TRAINING AREA.; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 831275, locality Port Curtis (Queensland; SHOALWATER BAY TRAINING AREA, FRESHWATER BAY SECTOR, SEAHOUND.; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 475516, locality Port Moresby (New Guinea; PORT MORESBY .25M N OF BAUME VILLAGE BETWEEN RD AND SEA) [details]
Nontype BRI 121479, locality Queensland (Queensland; BETWEEN CARDWELL AND CARDWELL RA; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 121478, locality Queensland (Queensland; CANNONVALE; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 488013, locality Queensland (Queensland; CAPE HILLSBOROUGH ADJ TO HIDDEN VALLEY ACCESS ROAD; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 488014, locality Queensland (Queensland; CAPE HILLSBOROUGH ADJ TO HIDDEN VALLEY ACCESS ROAD; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 488015, locality Queensland (Queensland; CAPE HILLSBOROUGH ADJ TO HIDDEN VALLEY ACCESS ROAD; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475848, locality Queensland (Queensland; CLAUDIE RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121483, locality Queensland (Queensland; CONWAY PROSERPINE RIVER; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475494, locality Queensland (Queensland; CORAL CK HINCHINBROOK IS; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475853, locality Queensland (Queensland; COWAL CREEK.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 488001, locality Queensland (Queensland; EIMEO ADJ TO BOAT RAMP OFF SUNSET ST (NORTHERN BEACH SUBURB OF MACKAY); South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475506, locality Queensland (Queensland; HARMER RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 475502, locality Queensland (Queensland; HINCHINBROOK IS; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 121521, locality Queensland (Queensland; MACKAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 346993, locality Queensland (Queensland; MIDGE POINT (REFSET); North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 121426, locality Queensland (Queensland; MOSSMAN BEACH; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 475507, locality Queensland (Queensland; OLIVE RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 121484, locality Queensland (Queensland; SHUTE BAY; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475842, locality Queensland (Queensland; WIDE CREEK, MISSIONARY BAY, HINCHINBROOK IS.; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 371179, locality Tatana Island (New Guinea; TATANA TURN OFF; Central) [details]

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