Marine Information and Data Acquisition System
Campaign :Monitoring the marine environment of the BCS  (Lookup in IMIS)
Continuous surveillance and evaluation of the quality of the marine environment of the Belgian Continental Shelf (BCS) and the Westerschelde estuary within the framework of the international monitoring programme (JAMP - Joint Assessment and Monitoring Programme) and the Nutrient Monitoring Programme (NMP) of the OSPAR commission and within the framework of national programmes (impact of sand extraction and dredging activities). MUMM determines nutrients, salinity, suspended matter, dissolved oxygen, TOC and POC, chlorophyll a, phaeophytine and optical parameters in the water column. Phytoplankton biomass and species composition as well as benthos species composition and biomass are also determined as part of the monitoring programme. These cruises will study the influence of tidal movements on a number of crucial parameters.