Marine Information and Data Acquisition System
Campaign :Identification of SS and algae using DAIS/ROSIS
Identification of different suspended sediments and algau types using the DAIS/ROSIS hyperspectral sensor The research will focus on the development and validation of a hyperspectral model that extracts water quality parameters from DAIS/ROSIS data and might possibly classify different types of suspended sediments. The optics behind this classification is not well known however, the high spectral resolution, offered by DAIS/ROSIS, and the accurate sampling may resolve this issue. Tackling this subject is quite problematic in coastal and turbid waters. Therefore a careful modelling of the radiative transfer fo the atmosphere and aquatic medium will be established. The model will consider several contributors: raman scattering, bottom reflectance and fluorescence due to chlorophyll and coloured dissolved organic matter (CDOM) Ground reference measurements will be performed to garantee an accurate calibration of the retrieved water signal from DAIS/ROSIS. Water samples are collected together with radiometric measurements. The cruises will be made in cooperation with German Aerospace Center (DLR) operating its Digital Airborn Imaging Spectrometers (DAIS7915 and ROSIS) within the HySens 2001 project framework.