Marine Information and Data Acquisition System
Campaign :OT-SAFE
The biocide tributyltin (TBT) has been widely used in anti-fouling ship paint and accumulates through the marine food chain. Although many studies have been undertaken with regard to environmental occurrence of TBT there is very little data on concentrations in seafood. A recent literature survey indicated that in some European countries present levels of TBT in seafood may lead to consumers exceeding the Tolerable Daily Intake for humans and may therefore pose a risk to consumer health. However, the available data were very limited and for most EU-countries no information was available. The main objective of this European Commission Research Project is to drastically reduce the current uncertainty regarding TBT in seafood and its safety for European seafood consumers by: -Building an EU-wide database on the occurrence of TBT in seafood for the European market; -Studying the effect of different cooking procedures commonly used in Europe, on TBT-levels in the most relevant seafood; -Assessing whether there is a risk for consumers associated with the consumption of TBT-containing seafood sold on the European market; -Informing National and European authorities on food safety about the risk of TBT in European seafood and if necessary assisting these authorities in taking appropriate action.